Our Mission

We enable affordable and sustainable living for everyone by creating the electricity grid of the future.

Our belief is that the electricity ecosystem can be operated in a far more intelligent, economic and sustainable manner and that such improvements are an absolute pre-requisite for the sustainable electrification and decarbonization of our society.

Alberto Méndez Rebollo

About Plexigrid

How we support the SDGs

Plexigrid contribute to several of the SDGs and we continue expanding our positive impact as we grow. There are however three SDGs on which our business has significant impact.

Plexigrid develops and offers software solutions that enable increased penetration of clean, renewable energy in electrical distribution grids. We help solve the challenge of managing the intermittent generation of renewable electricity in a more economical way, providing affordable electricity to millions of people around the world.

Electrification of transportation, heating and cooling solutions are challenging existing power infrastructure in cities.
Plexigrid enable the accommodation of these new loads in the grid. Our solutions also enable consumers to become prosumers while maximizing their self-consumption and minimizing CO2 impact.

Everything we do at Plexigrid aims to facilitate the transition from centralized fossil fuels to distributed energy resources.
We are investing heavily in new innovative technology that helps shape a new energy landscape.

UN Global Compact

Plexigrid is proudly a part of the UN Global Compact initiative, which encourages companies to align their business strategies and operations according to 10 pre-defined principles. The 10 principles cover labour, human rights, environment, and anti-corruption.

Innovator of the Ministry of Science and Innovation

Plexigrid was in September 2023 awarded the Innovative SME seal from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. The seal and its certification is proof to Plexigrid’s groundbreaking technology and how we use innovate solutions to solve today’s grid problems.


At Plexigrid we aim to support our customers all over the world and work together to solve the challenges of the energy transition. We want to reflect our diverse customer base in our own company to provide the best possible customer experience.

We are convinced that encouraging multiple perspectives and more diversity will improve our business success and make Plexigrid a great place to work.

Gender Equality Plan


In Energy and Utilities Data protection, Information- and Cyber security is key and thus it is the same for us in Plexigrid. All our solutions are designed with a high security focus and as an organization Plexigrid works according to best practice and standards, is GDPR compliant and is in the process of being certified according to ISO 27001.

Meet the management team

Alberto Méndez

CEO & Cofounder

Alberto Méndez Rebollo is an executive, investor and entrepreneur who has dedicated his entire career to the energy transition. Alberto has held executive and board positions at leading corporations, startups and international organizations such as Siemens-Gamesa, Vattenfall, XCharge and Procurement Leaders where he has built and run multibillion ventures and operations in areas like wind and solar power, electricity grids and e-mobility.

Pablo Arboleya

CTO & Cofounder

Pablo Arboleya works as a full professor at the University of Oviedo in addition to his role as CTO co-founder. Pablo was visiting professor at institutions like University of Illinois, University of British Columbia, University of Rome (La Sapienza) and Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Paris) among others. He is co-founder of the LEMUR research group in which he carries out his research activities related to energy management and operation of electrical systems and modeling and analysis of electrical power systems.

Linda-Maria Wadman


Linda-Maria has a M. Sc. in Engineering Physics and brings over 15 years of experience of mission critical control systems for electricity grids to Plexigrid. In the past she has held a wide range of management positions at leading global technology OEMs in R&D, Engineering, Sales and Product Management. With a background of leading distributed teams operating on a global market she joined Plexigrid in 2021 as responsible for Business Development, Sales and Marketing.

Enrique Riesgo


Enrique Riesgo, a Computer Science M.Sc. graduate, brings over 20 years of expertise in SaaS Development and Platform Architecture to Plexigrid since 2023. With a robust background in leadership roles at HP Enterprise, DXC Technology and Computer Science Corporation, he combines technical prowess with strategic management. Enrique's commitment to staying abreast of technology trends contributes to Plexigrid's ongoing innovation and success.

Our locations

Plexigrid S.L.

C/ Pedro Puig Adam s/n
Espacio Tecnológico Campus
33204 Gijón, Asturias


Plexigrid AB

Birger Jarlsgatan 57C
113 56 Stockholm

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Ready to see What's next?

Once you install Plexigrid, the amount of applications that can be created to extract value from such data, to resolve “impossible problems”, or to optimize your planning and operations is unlimited. Plexigrid is a customer centric organization and as such all our development efforts start with our customer’s needs and challenges.