Software solutions for a new energy landscape.

Plexigrid provides a first of a kind grid centric flexibility management system that enable Distribution System Operators to distribute more energy with their current network capacity. We connect grid planners, operations and retailers with flexibility pools throughout the grid down to low voltage behind-the meter assets. The solution saves cost for DSOs and consumers, speeding up grid connections and increases renewables hosting capacity.

The Plexigrid solution consists of three layers of technology.

  1. Low voltage monitoring and control based on smart meter and sensor data.
  2. A Grid Digital Twin representing a complete three phase model across voltage levels of the distribution grid.
  3. Modelling, forecasting and control of Distributed Energy Resources.
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Our products

Distribution system operators as well as energy service providers are already managing systems depending on large amounts of data from multiple sources. However, assets are increasingly being digitized and smart meters are rolled out to electricity consumers world-wide. And previously unthought of opportunities are continuously being unlocked.

The philosophy of Plexigrid is not to rip and replace legacy systems that still have important roles to play. Instead Plexigrid adds a layer of intelligence on top allowing the integration and utilization of previously isolated data.


ARI provides a full Network Monitoring System across all voltage levels in the distribution grid. By integrating all data from the grid in one place, ARI allows DSOs to run powerful monitoring and analytics tools all the way down to low voltage.


The core of TATARI is the generation of true Digital Twins representing a complete replica of the grid. The digital twin allows you to simulate scenarios, make projections and assess the consequences of grid changes within seconds.


TIA empowers DSOs with congestion management and dynamic capacity allocation. DSOs can shift peak loads in their networks to times where the grid is underutilized and avoid peak-load capacity upgrades in their networks, and to share these savings with their customers.


e-TIA is specifically designed for energy retailers and aggregators and it allows consumers, prosumers and energy communities to maximize the value of their flexibility.