Success stories.

Distribution system operator.

EDP Redes España.

EDP Redes España is the fourth largest electricity distribution company in Spain, with 1,5 million grid customers. During the last 10 years EDP Redes España have made major efforts to deploy smart meters at every customer of their grid which makes it possible to monitor the low voltage grid using the Plexigrid low voltage monitoring solution.

The digitalization of the grid supports the objectives of EDP Redes España to facilitate the energy transition and enable increased integration of renewables in the distribution grid. With Plexigrid EDP Redes España can manage the issues that will arise from increasing connection of distributed energy resources such as PV panels, batteries and electric vehicles.

Energy service provider.

EDP Solar.

EDP Solar is a leading energy service provider in Spain enabling homes and businesses transitioning from consumers to energy prosumers.

EDP Solar provide their customers complete solutions including solar panels, batteries and EV chargers connected through the Plexigrid Distributed Energy Resource Management Solutions (DERMS). The complete system allows the EDP Solar customers to maximize self generation while reducing CO2 emissions and minimizing energy costs.

Distribution system operator.

Falbygden's Energy Network.

Falbygden’s Energy supplies electricity to approximately 17,000 customers in Falköping, Sweden, and the surrounding area and uses new technology to contribute to long-term sustainability in Falbygden. The electricity network is about 240 miles long, which corresponds to the distance between Falköping and Palermo in Sicily.

Falbygden’s Energy and Plexigrid have started a collaboration to increase the rate of grid connections of industry, renewable energy and electric car charging in Falbygden through digital solutions. It is an ongoing project that will last for a year and a half. The project is part-financed by the Swedish Energy Agency.


2021 Radar Award for the Best Technology-Based Company.

Top 15 finalist in the global Free Electrons startup accelerator 2021.

Top 10 Future Grid challenger in Energy Tech Challengers 2022.

Winner of Emprende XXI Awards 2022 in Ciudad XXI category.

Top 100 most promising global
startup in 2023 by SET100.

EIT Digital Award

Winner of EIT Digital Challenge Finals 2023.

Finalilst AraAke Decarbonization Challenge 2023

(Energy)Lab Award

Part of the 2023 (Energy)Lab Scaleup Cohort.

Kickstart Innovation Award

Selected for the Kickstart Innovation program in the Smart Cities Vertical 2023.

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