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STOCKHOLM, 28th of November 2023 – Plexigrid and NODES AS today announced a strategic partnership to deliver innovative grid flexibility and market integration solutions for electrical utilities. The partnership will empower Distribution System Operators (DSOs) to setup, operate and benefit from a local flexibility market of NODESmarket Platform by utilising completely integrated and automated Plexigrid products to accelerate the adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs) using a market-based approach.

As utilities worldwide navigate the energy transition, they face the challenge of balancing the need for grid reinforcement with non-wires alternatives to minimize costs for consumers.

The Plexigrid Grid Management solutions allow the DSOs to increase the utilization of existing assets and solve grid challenges more efficiently leveraging the flexibility of customer load and generation assets. This is where local flexibility markets offer a compelling alternative to expensive network upgrades. The partnership between NODESmarket Platform and Plexigrid will align the two software offerings to better enable interoperability and ease of use of flexibility for DSOs.

Plexigrid are already providing solutions to grid operators across Europe and Oceania where the far progressed energy transition start causing issues in distribution grids. Overloads and voltage violations are increasing due to electrification and high levels of renewable energy exported to the grid.

“A core value of the Plexigrid platform is solving capacity constraints by helping grid operators to access flexibility across their network. With NODES as a partner, we can drive this innovation in grid management faster and help our customer speed up the connection of DERs. Ultimately, this will be critical for enabling the energy transition,“ says Alberto Méndez, CEO of Plexigrid.

The NODESmarket Platform provides Flexibility Service Providers (FSPs) with the ability to enroll DERs into distribution flexibility markets, review opportunities to offer flexibility to utilities, and submit bids and offers. By connecting these two solutions through standard integrations, the Plexigrid grid solution will be able to access flexibility on the NODESmarket Platform, unlocking an entirely new set of non-wires alternatives options for grid management.

“NODES is excited by this strategic partnership with Plexigrid’s Grid management modules as we look to help accelerate the energy transition. Creating greater interoperability between the control room and the marketplace will be essential for unlocking the value of DER flexibility in the future,” says Richard Sarti, CEO of NODES.

The partnership between Plexigrid and NODES AS highlights the potential for utilities to incorporate local flexibility market into their grid operations. Leveraging their combined capabilities, Plexigrid and NODES AS can help utilities optimize grid operations and reduce costs, all while utilizing a common language based on price, location, and volume to facilitate efficient use of DER services. Utilities will be able to enhance their ability to integrate more clean energy sources, turning DERs into new grid levers at the most affordable cost.

About Plexigrid

Plexigrid is a software technology provider that are reinventing electricity distribution networks for the energy transition. The Plexigrid solutions increase the utilization of network infrastructure and free up capacity by using flexible load and generation to solve network constraints. The company is based in Gijón, Spain and Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, visit


NODES is a Norwegian technology company which is paving the way for a more sustainable future. NODES award winning market design and NODESmarket technology platform is helping speed up the energy transition by unlocking the value of flexibility within the electricity network.  For more information, visit